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About us

Our company

Thanks to a strategic planning skilful and effective methodology in the course, AR-the STORE has a dynamic, innovative, entrepreneurial, which makes the company a model truly unique in the field of heating and Plumbing” and holds a know-how that allows you to find the best way to meet the needs and demands of the user for its full and total satisfaction.

The European Commission defines the ethical and social responsibility of the enterprise, a “voluntary Decision to contribute to the progress of society, improvement of quality of life and to the protection of the environment, that integrates social and environmental concerns in business processes, to act in conformity to a model of the values that are defined a priori”.

These are the principles that are relevant on which AR-the SHOP is recognized since its foundation and is then raised, becoming the company. For the intimate and profound conviction, constantly gratified by the many people with whom he is bound in time, as the customers and the employees, the institutions, economic and social forces, that have shared this assumption of responsibility in the direction of transparency, truth and fairness, sustainability and the promotion of innovation for the social well-being.

We believe, however, to be again at the beginning of an adventure that we hope will grow and consolidate in time, but without losing sight of the commitment, the professionalism and the ease with which we conduct our business.

Andrea Raspugli

Administrator and sales manager



The objective of the fund is simple and immediate: to ensure that the end customer can be in direct contact with the supplier of new and innovative technologies, in order to be able to interact with a single interlocutor, specialized in the sector, without intermediaries or third figures, bulky and definitely expensive.

Short chain

Reduce the prices, this is the goal of AR-STORE.

If you are wondering how, the answer lies in the total abolition of the sales middle management: the company acquires directly, a large amount of equipment and is able to manage the sale of them in a capillary way, thanks to the fruitful use of the internet in such a way that we are able to offer at the same time a high level of quality, fast service and competitive prices; as well as the technical advice is always at the forefront.




The initial, and that any problems can be resolved by sending an e-mail to tecnico@ar-store.itand you can speak with a highly trained staff ready to meet your every demand.

After the purchase you will enjoy the technical assistance of our specialists ready to speak with you if there was the need.


Warehouse and shipments

Punctuality and Timeliness. These are the words of a e-commerce company and we respect that.

Well, AR-STORE, thanks to the logistic organization and the collaboration with the best-rated shipping companies can guarantee quick deliveries and in total safety.